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Crummy is a 1998 (half life 1) style horror game.

The only objective is to continue, and avoid the monster that passes through your mind.

*The game is currently in demo state.


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Crummy Demo. 296 MB


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Great work on this demo! I had a really good (albeit incredibly frustrating!) time getting through this! I won't rehash all the other bugs mentioned in the other comments, but I hadn't noticed anyone mention how the camera still moves when you're using a save point. It made me die AT LEAST 6 times just because there was an enemy in front of me and I was trying to save my progress but ended up looking backwards because of the menu. 

Other than that, I really liked the game and thought you did really well! It didn't remind me very much of half-life 1 at all but inspiration doesn't mean copying, so I thought it was still fun. I gotta mention that staircase, though—after struggling so much with the bugs/weird enemy mechanics/insantely long elevator rides, etc., that entire staircase sequence had me questioning if the game was a serious game, or actually just a troll upload. After beating the whole thing I don't think you were trying to fool people into doing annoying things, but the only reason I didn't quit at those stairs was because I was trying to make a full recording. Maybe reconsider those types of moments for chapter 2, because otherwise it was a great start to a series, and I look forward to trying out the next installment!

I made you a Lumps Play and I hope you like it—I was a little bit harsh, but I was INCREDIBLY frustrated while trying to get through this so forgive me and keep making games! Cheers :) 🍻

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Greetings from Germany! Really good game, it has some weak points for sure, but if you work enough on them, this game is going to be awesome. The atmosphere was pretty good, I loved the Cry of Fear vibes and the jumpscares were really frightening. Especially the first one let me scream. The checkpoint system was a little bit annoying, espacially during the parts with the black ballons (don't know how to call them). It was also annoying, that you have to turn on your flashlight after you enter a new room.

I made a let's play about the game, you can check out the first part here. I can't wait for new chapters. ^^

I had fun with the first level, but bugs regarding doors and lights, as well as some issues I had with the second level's creature mechanics and the checkpoint system really turned me off of it. It shows promise, just need a bit of work for it to shine.

I think you need to work on your door transitions, its kind of annoying to have to turn your flashlight back on every single time you go through a door. Its also kind of annoying when you go through a door and your view is in a different place than in front of you like it should be.

Really fun and amazing game!!!


Gave it a go...


that's  great game! i enjoyed play game!

즐겁게 플레이 했어요:)

ENDLESS JUMPSCARES! | Crummy Full Gameplay Walkthrough


Хороший хоррор с отличными скримерами ;) 


Continuing from where episode 1 ended,here is the rest till the very end up right here

Thanks for playing!


This was excellent i loved the old skool ps1 style look to it the atmosphere was very unsettling the monsters mechanic was cool i look forward to where ya go with this

Finally finished it. Now lets wait for the full game.

my channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC87ACz99Buum0tospPSQSbA

watch video here:

This was one of the scariest demo that I have ever played as it kept me on edge every single second thanks to its really retro and old graphics,one sec insta  loud jumpscares,creepy music and just the lonely environment that this game offers,its very scary. I have completed the game as well and have split it into 2. First being over here today and second will come out tomorrow. The stairs part almost made me give up but I finally reached the bottom which took me eternity. Repetitive and boring part will surely be the stairs part. Other than that a pretty fantastic demo and Im surely lookin forward to full version. Still not sure what the plot is as only thing I can kinda make out is its related with suicide and depression and we r going through I guess such a depressed or suicidal mind or I maybe wrong :p

The idea is pretty cool! i think i got pretty far into the game I loved the creatures! The ghost got me alot of time! lolll i cant wait for the full verson to come out :))


This game was pretty cool and had a weird and spooky tone all the way through however the elevator level just didn't make sense to me and unfortunately was what ended my lets play because i got pissed xD

The game was hard, scary , I really enjoyed it. But I didn't finished it, stuck in the part that you should go down the stairs and i don't know what to do,but this week I will play it again to see if i can do that level.Overall good job

Rate:10/10 (I hope you will do more game like this)

my channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC87ACz99Buum0tospPSQSbA

watch video here:

All you have to do is go down the stairs.



I really enjoyed this retro style horror game. From the jumpscares to being chased. I did not finish but i definitely will be soon
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  Older video but I hope you enjoy it. Keep it up.


my channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC87ACz99Buum0tospPSQSbA

watch video here:

I updated the demo. You should play it again.

I will try it